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Lara 2012

Lara 2012

For Lara

The following is an article written by Dr Terri about dealing with the loss of your pets

Being a vet I have performed the final injection for many animals and have seen a myriad of emotions from their owners, ranging from sadness, to anger, frustration, helplessness to total uncontrollable hysterics. 

Recently our family lost our 17-year-old dog ‘Lara’. Lara was a German Sheppard cross whom I adopted 15 years ago while working at the RSPCA. She was about two years old and was found wandering lost, and as no one came forward to collect her she came home with me. I was privileged to have Lara in my life, she was a constant support, she gave blood and saved several dogs lives, she was a mentor at puppy pre school for many years, teaching puppies good manners, and Lara also travelled to schools and kindergartens as a teaching dog to assist children in dog awareness. However, her star achievement was that she gave our family total unconditional love and always greeted us with tail, and body wag every time we walked in the door, even when her old doggy body may have preferred to stay in bed. The loss of Lara has been profound, the sadness is almost overwhelming. 

Lara is not the first pet I have lost but her loss has certainly been deeply felt, the pain I feel for her absence is very real as are all the emotions I see from my clients in relation to the loss of their pets. Loving pets as family members is not a new thing, people have had pets for thousands of years and I am sure the loss I feel has been felt by millions of others. Grief over a loss of a pet is an important and valid response, as is the loss of any other family member. Sincerity and respect should be shown to any one who is grieving over the loss of their pet and support should be offered to the bereaved in the best way possible. Professional help and support is also available and should be utilised by people having difficulty dealing with the death of their pet. The Australia Centre for Grief and Bereavement is a great resource and they even have councillors who specialise in this area. Their toll free number is 1800 642 066, or website 

I will never forget Lara my beautiful dog as I am sure many of you have never forgotten your amazing pets.
From all of us at Baw Baw Paws, rest in peace Lara and thank you.

Dr Terri Wilks


Dear Jacko

Jackson was a fun loving puppy who loved nothing more than chasing toys, playing games, and getting thoroughly dirty.

While he was crazy and a mess, he was a great friend to Erika and a superb helper at puppy pre-school.

Jackson was tragically lost recently. We all feel very sad for Erika, we will all miss him dearly.